Hello, Cloud

Hello, Cloud

A new blog series about .NET on AWS

In this Hello, Cloud! blog series, we're covering the basics of AWS cloud services for newcomers who are .NET developers. If you love C# but are new to AWS, or to one particular service, this should give you a jumpstart.

I'm starting a new blog series about getting started on AWS cloud services for .NET developers. In Hello, Cloud, we'll be going through a different AWS service in each post, creating a hello world as we introduce the service and see how to work with it in C#. I'm going to make minimal assumptions about developer background, beyond a modest familiarity with C# and Visual Studio.

Why go back to basics? Three reasons. First, even experienced developers aren't familiar with every cloud service. Second, .NET developers deserve a .NET-oriented introduction to each service with examples in C#. Third, it's good to take a fresh look at things, since cloud services and tools progress over time. I'm inspired by Charles Petzold's terrific book Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software, which showed me that going back to basics is important to put what we know into perspective and be able to communicate it clearly and simply.

To understand the landscape of AWS services and how they relate to .NET development, enroll in the free AWS SkillsBuilder video course Getting Started with .NET on AWS course at the .NET on AWS web site .