Announcing .NET on AWS Digital Skills Badges

Announcing .NET on AWS Digital Skills Badges

Showcase your .NET on AWS proficiency

You can now earn digital skills badges that demonstrate your proficiency with .NET workloads on different AWS services. 3 badges and supporting courseware are now available for .NET workloads on these services: AWS App Runner, AWS Lambda, and Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate. There are no costs for the courseware or badges: simply review or peruse the courseware and pass the assessment to earn a badge.

Digital badges have become a popular way to showcase learning and skill achievements. You see them all over the place on social networks such as LinkedIn. Digital credentials help you promote an achievement and differentiate yourself from the competition. These badges are distributed and managed through Credly and are verifiable.

.NET skills badges are not a certification. Rather, they are focused on demonstrating proficiency with .NET workloads on a particular AWS service. That means you demonstrate a knowledge of a service's use cases and fundamentals, know how to deploy .NET workloads to the service, and can perform common tasks. You do not need to be an expert familiar with every advanced feature to earn a badge.

Taking a Course

To earn a badge, visit the new Badges and Training page on the .NET on AWS website. Then select a course.


Course Outline & Navigation

When you start a course, you'll see a course outline showing the modules and estimated time to complete. Most of the courses are about 3 hours in length. Each course consists of multiple learning modules, a hands-on lab, and an assessment.


As you complete each module, a Next Module button links you to the next module. You can use the top navigation bar to freely move between modules.


Learning Modules

Learning modules are instructional. They progressively cover topics and include instruction text, diagrams, and links to online references.


Hands-on Lab Modules

Hands-on lab modules provide step-by-step instructions to build and deploy a solution on AWS. module-3-2.png


You can click on an image or screenshot to see it full size.



Finally, assessment modules are where you test your skills. The assessment will ask you to provide first name, last name, and e-mail address. This is optional, and is only used to provision a badge if you pass the assessment. AWS does not retain this information or use it for any other purpose.


You'll get asked 16 questions, randomly-selected from a larger question pool.


If you receive a passing score of 80% or better, you'll see that confirmed. Your badge will be provisioned with Credly within 2 business days. If you don't pass the assessment, don't fret. You're free to review the course materials, practice more with the service, and try again.



You'll receive email notification from Credly about your badge. Sign in to Credly to accept it.



Once you accept your badge, you can freely share it on social media. It's a great way to promote yourself.




Get started earning your .NET on AWS digital skills badges today by visiting the .NET on AWS website.

If you've got feedback on our badge program and courses, including corrections or suggestions, please do pass that on. You can email me at